Popular Commercial Garage Door FAQs

Popular Commercial Garage Door FAQs

Is your garage door damaged? Thinking about doing it yourself? It may be a good idea if you have a good amount of time to dedicate it.

While you may wonder many questions about how I should do it or take help from someone? You can consider some commercial garage door FAQs.

Need To Know Basic Commercial Garage Door FAQs

Commercial Garage Door Repair Company Los Angeles

Q1. How Can I Get My Garage Door Repaired?

Garage doors are big and can be a monstrous task, that’s why don’t DIY commercial garage door repairs. Instead, calling the professionals is a better solution.

Q2. Is There Any Standard Size Of A Commercial Garage Door?

Yes, the standard size measure is 32 feet by 2 inches wide by 1 inch in height. But the companies manufacture in custom sizes too.

Q3. Can I Know About My Headroom?

Headroom is the distance between the top of the door and the lowest point of the ceiling. It also includes any obstruction such as any pipes. This distance mainly depends on the spring system of your garage door.

Q4. How Can I Maintain My Door?

Check your door every two to three months. You should examine the surface of the door, lubrication of shafts, hinges, and springs. Wear and tear such as rusting and weatherstripping should be noted properly.

Q5. What Types Of Services Can Be Expected For Commercial Garage Doors?

Overhead sectional doors, commercial full view, and rolling steel curtain doors are some types of garage doors that are installed. Repairs or replacements of entry and exit, fire and smoke, emergency exit, glass, and aluminum, etc are also done.

Commercial Garage Door Repair Company Los Angeles

Many people have commercial garage door FAQs, and knowing the answers to all of them may not be possible. By coming in touch with a service company, you are assured of an accurate response.

At The Gate and Garage Guys, we are certified commercial garage door repair professionals. We believe in taking good care when installing and handling your commercial garage door repairs. Our experts are well-versed with the brands and will suggest the best for you.

The doors are all open to call us at (323) 834-5105 and will be there to assist you within 24 hours. Follow us on Facebook for more updates.

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