Common Commercial Garage Door Problems You Need to be Aware Of

Common Commercial Garage Door Problems Los Angeles

Commercial doors are important to keep the business safe from any thievery or danger. Moreover, a good functioning commercial door also helps in the smooth running of the business.

But, with all the positives, it also important to keep in mind the common commercial garage door problems. However, after knowing these factors, don’t try to DIY repair the garage door yourself. It’s better to let professionals handle it.

So, here are the most common commercial garage door problems that business owners face.

Top Common Commercial Garage Door Problems


♦ Old Age of Commercial Garage Door

As the commercial garage door gets old, the system’s efficiency keeps on decreasing. In such cases, it’s better to replace the commercial garage door before any accidents occur. Professional garage door technicians are trained to design, install, repair, and maintain commercial garage doors.

♦ Rust Problems

Change in weather increases the presence of moisture in the environment. This moisture then oxidizes the garage door springs which can lead to dangerous situations. A good advice is to get regular maintenance done by professionals to ensure there is no oxidation taking place.

commercial garage door problems Los Angeles

♦ Overuse of Torsion Springs

The torsion springs have a life cycle of 10,000 cycles. In a commercial space, you run out of this number of cycles in months. However, many business owners don’t keep track of springs replacement which causes problems in functioning of it. To avoid such situations, hire professionals for maintenance services.

♦ Flawed Tracks

Flaws in the alignment of the garage door track causes problems in opening and closing of doors. Visual inspection from a professional garage door technician, will ensure proper alignment of tracks and rails. This will also help to find out if there is any gap in between the roller and rails.

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