Different Ways To Open Garage Doors During Power Outage

Different Ways To Open Garage Doors During Power Outage
November 24, 2021

If you have automatic garage door openers, then you take them for granted and become lazy to open them manually. Now, these garage door openers need electricity to perform opening and closing functions. Think what happens if there is no power outage someday. Then, how to open the garage doors? Learn below the top 3 ways to know the best answer for your question.

Top 3 Ways To Open Garage Doors During Power Outage

1. Keep a Battery Backup

There are some automated garage door models that come with a battery backup feature. This thing will easily allow you to open or close the door with a keypad or remote without power. But, this feature will fail to work when the opener is broken or the battery is dead.

So, you need to first check in the user manual whether the battery backup feature is present in your automated garage door. If it is present and the battery is charged, then use it for opening the door.

2. Using Emergency Key Disconnect

One another emergency key disconnect feature is present in your automated garage door if it is the only entrance and exit to your home. To know this feature, see a keyhole lock that is partway up on the outside of your garage door. So, with the help of a key, you can unlock it.

Once the key is unlocked, it disengages the cloak on the opener motor. Now, you can manually open the door by pushing it up.

3. Manual Release Cord

Nowadays, this is the standard feature that comes in all the automated garage doors. The opener will lock your garage door during its normal functioning. This is a safety feature so that no stranger can push your door at any time. So, during an emergency, you can easily pull the manual release cord that disengages the opener lock. Now, open the door manually.

Can You Manually Open A Garage Door When Power Is Out?

Yes, by using the garage door opener you can easily open your garage door during a power outage. Sometimes, these garage doors are opened simply by hand. However, if you face any issues in this manual process, then contact the best professionals at The Gate & Garage Guys in Los Angeles. We will ensure that our garage door repair technician reaches your place immediately and solves the issues.

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