FAQ on Gate Repair Service

FAQ on Gate Repair Service
March 1, 2022

Do you have issues with your garage door? Several households are having problems with the garage gates and are unsure what is causing the issue. Browse over our FAQ to see whether your topic has already been posted.

Top Asked Questions For Gate Repair Services

Q. How can I trust gate repair companies near me?

A: We are fully insured, bonded, and licensed. Our service personnel is fully trained and equipped for handling the worst garage door conditions. On-demand, we can provide proof of insurance as well. Our insurance covers our workers and also any on-site accidents. We’ve done work for several highly secured areas including the Intelligence Community on a variety of high-security industrial and domestic locations.

Q. What should I do before a snowstorm?

A: Before a blizzard, we recommend leaving your gates open. This will make it easier for your truck to get past the gate entrance. If the doors are kept locked (as is recommended for wildlife safety), the snowplow crew will have to scoop surrounding the doors manually before they can be opened automatically. You can contact any gate repair company to help you out with the snow.

Q. What are the signs I need gate repair services?

A: Whilst functioning, your garage gate may create sounds. Over period, it may develop fractures or scuffs. These are concerns that can be readily resolved with routine maintenance. However, there are several issues that suggest you should have a gate repair services.

If any of the following signs appear on your garage door, it’s time to service it:

  • The door does not completely or halfway open or close.
  • The material on the front is entirely blown away.
  • Each moment you use it, it makes a loud grinding sound.
  • It necessitates extensive or costly repairs.

Q. Can commercial gate repair near me perform maintenance?

A: Yes, can certainly do! Automatic garage gate installations are serviced and maintained by The Gate & Garage Guys. We’ll even inspect your gate mechanism and offer you with a list of suggested adjustments if we believe any are required. Regardless of how many problems you’ve used to experience with your garage door, you can count on us to fix it — simply glance at our customer testimonies!

Q. My gate springs are broken. Can garage gate repair fix it?

Your garage gate will be momentarily disabled due to broken springs. This implies you won’t be able to protect your vehicle or tools. In addition, your residence or enterprise becomes exposed, which may lead to theft. Contact us right away if you need a spring replaced or if you have any additional garage door issues, so your gate can start working again. We can assist you with securing your estate.

We hope that most of your queries have been answered here. If not, you can contact us or leave a message. We’d be happy to help you with any information you require.

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