FAQs on Commercial Garage Door Service

FAQs on Commercial Garage Door Service
December 14, 2021

Garage doors can be tricky and troublesome when stuck or faulty. It is something quite technical to understand. Knowing a thing or two about commercial garage door service isn’t common to all.

Many questions might come to the mind of customers who own a garage. The Gate and Garage Guys experts understand that not everyone knows everything about garage doors. Thus, the leading commercial garage door service has answered a few common FAQs.

Does my garage door require maintenance?

The garage door is the heaviest part that has maximum motion. On an average, a garage door is raised and lowered almost 6 times a day. With that and more, our commercial garage door service recommends regular servicing and maintenance.

The Gate and Garage Guys suggests that a commercial garage door be checked every 3-6 months. This is because it experiences more movement than a residential garage door. Our commercial garage door services provide for a thorough checking and servicing. We also provide emergency services with 100% satisfaction and safety.

Can I paint my garage door?

Yes. A steel garage door can be painted. However, be careful to use only high-quality latex paints. Do not use oil based paints. These paints bubble up the steel surface and will cause it to peel off.

Commercial garage door services like The Gate and Garage Guys suggest that you refer to the instruction manual. It is best to have a prior understanding of the material of the door before painting. Additionally, the garage door must be clean and dry before painting.

What is R-value and why is it important?

R-value refers to the thermal efficiency of the garage door. This means the efficiency of insulation provided by the door. A high R-value door means it is more energy efficient.

It is important to check the R-value of a commercial garage door. Long times are spent in a commercial garage, loading and unloading goods. It is best to have a door with higher R-value for better insulation.

The position of the garage also matters in this case. If there is a room above or adjacent to the garage, the R-value of the garage door makes a difference. It is calculated using the door thickness and chemical properties. Choose your door carefully, considering the usage of the commercial garage.

What Horsepower opener should I use for my garage door?

All commercial garage doors typically come with openers. The horsepower of the door opener is decided on the basis of a few factors. The size of the door and its weight are important factors to consider.

Commercial garage door services also look into power, voltage and phase of the door operator. This is coupled with the available voltage at the facility. The Gates and Garage Guys are more than happy to assist in choosing the right opener.

Can I change just a section of the door rather than replacing the entire unit?

Yes. It is possible to change just a section of the door. The damaged section of your door can be replaced without disturbing the entire door. Commercial garage door services often offer guidance in doing so. Even a small replacement can make your door look new. Thus, you do not need to discard the old door entirely.

The Gate and Garage Guys technicians will be happy to assist you with the same. Once you book an appointment with us, a technician will visit your place. After assessing the section that needs replacement, we will provide required service, leaving your door looking brand new.

Should you have any further questions, give us a call. You can also drop us an email or fill up the contact form on the website. Our team will respond to your queries as soon as possible.

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