Are Garage Door Springs Risky? Everything You Should Know

Are Garage Door Springs Risky_ Everything You Should Know
September 29, 2022

Springs are the essential components of our garage door that protect our house from intruders and other unwanted things. But the question that arises here is – are garage door springs risky?

The answer is yes. If your garage door springs are damaged or faulty, they can be risky for you. Garage doors with defective or damaged springs can suddenly and can harm you or your property.

Apart from the damages, garage door springs can be dangerous while installing and operating. Since springs carry a massive amount of pressure, they may break down and cause you harm.

Generally, springs break down during the winter seasons when there is a significant drop in temperature. But you don’t have to worry if your garage door springs are well-maintained.

What Makes Garage Door Springs Risky 

Improper Installation:

If your garage door springs are not installed properly, it is too risky for you.

Damaged Springs:

Your garage door springs can break down at any time if they are damaged.

Aged Springs:

We can not do anything about the age factor. Old springs need to be replaced on time.

Unmaintained Spring:

If the springs are not maintained regularly, they wear faster and can be risky.

How To Maintain Your Garage Door Springs?

Generally, lubricating your garage door springs will get most of your work done. Furthermore, you can check for their alignment and fix it if not proper. Also, regularly inspect your garage door springs and repair them if you find any damage. And lastly, keeping your garage door springs away from moisture will prevent them from rusting.

Signs That It’s Time To Replace Your Garage Door Spring 

– Visible Damage

– Problem in Opening & Closing

– Noisy Operation

– Sudden Failure

– Excess Rusting

– Spring age more than 7-8 years.

Can I Replace a Garage Door Spring Myself?

As discussed earlier, garage door springs are risky while installing too. Since your garage door lifts such a high weight, it must be installed correctly. That is why we always recommend avoiding installing garage door springs by yourself.

Because the failure due to improper installation can cause severe injuries and can damage the garage door, which might require expensive repair or replacement. So you should hire a professional to install garage door springs.

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