How Long Do Garage Door Springs Last

How Long Do Garage Door Springs Last
May 4, 2022

A garage is the requirement of modern houses nowadays. You will notice that most of the owners who are having a vehicle have a garage in their house. The garage not only protects your vehicle from thieves but also from rain, dust, and sunlight. Even for some houses, the main entrance starts from the garage.

That is why the garage door should be in its best condition. Door springs are the most important parts of the garage door. They play a crucial role in the working of garage doors.

There are two types of springs that are mainly used in garage doors. One is Torsion Springs and another is Extension Springs. It is hard to say how long garage door springs last because the life span of these springs depends on various factors.

These factors are the quality of the spring, the material used to manufacture it, the thickness of the spring coil, and the use of garage doors.

The average life of a garage door spring can be 5000 to 10,000 cycles. That is considered around 7 to 10 years of life. If the springs are installed correctly and the use of the garage door is moderate. Professionals can help you identify how long your garage door spring will last.

Signs that show you need to replace garage door springs 

An Unusual Noise When your garage door makes some unusual noise while opening and closing, then something is wrong with it.

Problem in holding If you are not able to stop or hold your garage door in the middle while opening or closing that means the spring is damaged.

Sudden falls of the door One of the signs of a damaged or broken door spring is the garage door closing down suddenly. It is dangerous too.

Heavy and hard to move Maybe it’s time to replace your garage door springs if it feels heavier and hard to open and close.

Visible Damage It is quite obvious that your garage door spring requires a replacement if damage or breakage is visible to you.

Increased Gap The garage door spring won’t work properly for a long time if the gap between coils is increased.

Reasons why garage door springs break

Broken spring of garage door

#1 Rust The breakage can happen due to the rusting of springs. If there is moisture or the presence of water around your garage door spring, then your spring may rust and break.

#2 Wear A most common reason for breakage of door springs is the wear and tear of the spring. We cannot stop the wear completely and permanently but can be prevented up to some extent.

#3 Harsh Use Your garage door can break if you are using it harshly. Hard and harsh opening and closing of the door can put excess pressure on springs and lead to more wearing.

How To Prevent Springs From Breaking Earlier

Replacing the springs is the best option one can have once their lifespan is over. But you can prevent early breakage of your garage door spring. You just need to do regular inspections and maintenance on the springs. This maintenance includes protection from moisture and lubrication using oil, grease, or any other appropriate lubricant.

The Bottom Line

It is strongly recommended to replace the garage door springs with the help of professionals. Once their lifespan is over, which is 7–10 years on average, You should immediately contact the local garage door repair service if you observe any signs of replacement.

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