For most homeowners, a garage door works as a form main entrance for their home. The garage has multi-purpose uses. Apart from being the entrance of your home, it also stores all your extra goods. Additionally, it protects your cars and home.

However, all these things come to a standstill if the garage door spring doesn’t work well. They give various signs of the springs being faulty or broken, which you need to recognize to replace them.

If you need to replace a garage door spring, then read this article to know the cost of replacements.

In-Depth Cost Analysis To Replace A Broken Garage Door Spring

Broken Garage Door Spring Replacement Los Angeles

1. Cost To Repair Garage Door Springs

To reduce your cost of the garage’s part replacements, it’s better to invest in regular professional maintenance of them. This can help save you money on spring replacements, which is more expensive than repair.

On average, a garage door spring costs around $200. The cost of this service varies from $155-$340. This range depends on the amount of work the technician has to put in.

Basic repair and maintenance of garage door springs include lubrication, checking the balance, and installing safety cables. Though you can lubricate it on your own, many companies provide it as a part of their service.

2. Cost To Replace Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs have a relatively small shelf life of 10,000 cycles, after which it needs to be replaced. It is important to replace it so that the garage system works well and also to avoid any terrible accidents.

Handling the garage doors while replacing springs is not a simple task. It needs technical knowledge and specialized equipment to do so. That’s why professionals charge around $190-$320 to replace them.

This cost contains the charge of springs, which is $35-$90 for torsional springs and $5-$35 for extension springs. The price also depends on the area in which you live, labor required, and the door type.

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