How Often Should Garage Doors Be Serviced?

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How Often Should Garage Doors Be Serviced?

If your garage door works smoothly, then you need to call professionals only once a year for a thorough maintenance check-up. However, if your garage door is old, then you might need to call the professionals more frequently to check your garage door.

In case you feel there is something wrong with your garage door, then stop using the garage door. Call professional garage door repair services immediately and get your garage door check through. This way you can keep yourself and your possessions safe.

How Much Does It Cost to Service A Garage Door?

The garage door comprises many components. So here’s a list of how much it’ll cost you to service your garage door component-wise:

  • A problem in Wheel Tracks: The repair cost will be around $130 to $155.
  • Spring Mechanism Not Working: The cost of springs relies on the type, size, weight, and material of your garage door and range between $100 to $310.
  • Broken Cables or Chains: The cost to repair your cables or chains lie between $145 to $200.
  • Broken or Cracked Glass Replacement: This cost depends on the type and size of glass but mainly costs $80 on average.
  • Dents on The Garage Door: To fix the large dents on your garage door, you will have to pay around $70.
  • Replacement of Panel: This requires lots of labor hours, that’s why you have to shell out $140 to $410.
  • Replacement of Circuit Board: Garage door technicians would ask around $100 for replacement and reprogramming of the garage’s circuit board.
  • Hinges and Rollers: This costs around $10 each.
  • Replacement of Garage Door: This is the costliest of all and will cost the property owners somewhere between $750 to $1250. The cost depends on the size, weight, material, and type of garage door.

How Long Should The Garage Door Last?

The average lifespan of a garage door is between 15-30 years. This figure mainly depends on the usage, material, construction, maintenance, and climatic condition of the place. Automatic door openers last up to 15 years if properly maintained.

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