How To Install Garage Door Weather Stripping

How To Install Garage Door Weather Stripping
June 6, 2022

Determining when and how to install garage door weather stripping is a common problem that homeowners experience. This little but crucial component of a garage door lines the structure and protects the garage’s interior from the weather. Weatherstripping also improves insulation, adds visual appeal, and helps the interior moving parts of a garage door last longer.

Many people try to DIY which makes it hard to cover up for professionals. Professionals can handle garage doors with care and can help to maintain them in the future. Here are some steps on how you can install weather stripping.

Steps To Install Garage Door Weather Stripping

These process will help to install your weather stripping step by step,

Step 1: Remove The Existing Weather Stripping

  • Use a hammer and pry bar to remove the stripping from around the garage’s door from the exterior frame.
  • Make sure all nails and screws are removed, then inspect the door frame for any damage.
  • Remove any remaining debris.

Step 2: Cut Strips According To The Garage’s Door

  • With the use of the measure, tape determines how long strips you will need for the service.
  • Cut the vinyl pieces into perfect sections.

Step 3: Install The New Weather Stripping

  • Keep the new weather stripping at the top section of the garage’s first door.
  • The nails should be spaced 8 to 18 inches apart, it should be perfect or it may not work properly after installation.

Step 4: Install Another Weather Stripping

  • To ensure a tight seal, make sure these parts overlap with the top section.
  • To provide a more polished appearance, trim any extra parts.

With these steps, you will be able to change your weather stripper according to your wishes. At last, place caulk to apply the finishing touches. This will help to increase the life expectancy of your garage doors.

When To Change Your Garage Door Sealing?

At least once or twice a year, inspect the quality of your garage door’s weather stripping. Pay special attention to the door’s edges to ensure that it is properly closed. The spaces between the door and the side jambs, as well as the section that lines the bottom of the door, should be examined. Here are some things you need to check in your section.

  • Is there any light coming in?
  • Is there a breeze outdoors, or is any air coming in or out?
  • Is there any cracking, flaking, missing, or brittle texture in any sections or pieces?

If the answer is yes then you need to have a new garage door stripper as soon as possible. If there is nothing wrong there is no need to worry for 3 to 6 months. If you are not available or have any kind of schedule problem, you can hire professionals. Professionals are well trained and have experience in all kinds of emergencies. They can easily install them swiftly and won’t leave any residue around the garage door or house. You can call them for a quote or advice.

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