3 Things To Know About Industrial Garage Door Repair

Industrial Garage Door Repair Los Angeles
December 15, 2020

A non-functional garage door is a matter of concern as it brings everyone’s life at risk. For the safety and well-being of the passers-by, a quick repair is of vital importance. So, this Christmas is just the right time for all the repairs.

To make the repairs, you must know the cause of the problem. The garage doors are not limited to one-time use. The frequent movement leads to many technical issues. Let’s understand the relevance of industrial garage door repair.

3 Signs That Show That Your Industrial Garage Door Needs Repair

Industrial Garage Door Repair Services Los Angeles

1. Doors Making the Sound

A door making noise is suggesting a need to repair. The type of sound it makes tells the kind of repair required. For instance, if the door is making a scratching sound, it could mean that the torsion springs are malfunctioning. A grinding sound indicates the door is dragging against the track.


Find out the real cause of the problem and contact a professional garage repair service for the repair.

2. Open and Close Troubles

There can be issues while opening and closing the garage doors. One possibility being that the cable is broken down and needs immediate attention. The garage door is equipped with springs – the extension and torsion are not working properly or there is a defect in the opener.


One way out here is to replace the springs for the smooth movement of the door.

3. Defective Cords and Wires

The overuse of the doors can weaken the cords and wires. When the cords fray, the garage door may start to dangle. If they break, there are most likely chances of accidents happening on the premises.


In such cases, a proper inspection must be done, and if required replacement of doors by a professional is advisable.

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Hire Professional Industrial Garage Door Repair Work!

We wish you a safe Christmas. The Gate and Garage Guys is here to assist you in industrial garage door repair. We can give you enough reasons to call us.

We are a certified, insured, and licensed garage door repair service in Los Angeles.

We guarantee a safe installation, handling, and repair.

Our garage door experts are trained in-house and have the expertise to handle different garage door types.

To know more about our garage door services, call us today at (323) 834-5105. Follow our Instagram page for more updates.

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