Most Notable Garage Door Spring Issues [Infographic]

November 1, 2021

Garage door springs are necessary for the efficient functioning of your garage door. It plays an important role in lifting and closing the door. But, if the spring breaks, the door may struggle to open or close, become imbalanced, or stop moving completely.

A garage door can break down for a variety of reasons, most of which are easy to repair, but problems with the door spring are more serious. You should fix the garage door spring issues by applying a silicone lubricant if the spring is noisy or squeaky. But what if it breaks completely or continues to make noise after you lubricate them? It is very risky to replace the door springs on your own because springs are wounded tightly to produce tension on the door.

When you notice any of the below issues regarding garage door springs, hire professionals from The Gate & Garage Guy Inc to get them fixed.

Most Notable Garage Door Spring Issues [Infographic]


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