5 Warning Signs That Garage Door Needs Repair

5 Warning Signs That Garage Door Needs Repair
October 10, 2022

A garage door is something that we come across every day. But we often forget about its care and maintenance. A garage door not only protects our home and other valuables from extruders but also helps us improve the exterior appearance of our home.

Similar to every other thing in our home, a garage door also requires timely maintenance and repairs. An average garage door weighs 130-200 pounds which causes lots of wear and tear of parts, and it is necessary to repair or replace those parts before the complete failure of the garage door because the failure of a garage door can put you in big trouble.

The most dangerous thing is accidents caused due to garage door failure, which are life-threatening sometimes. Also, garage door failures can cause significant property damage. And lastly, it will be way more expensive to repair a fully damaged garage door than a minor flaw.

To prevent such accidents and expensive damages because of garage doors, you must repair your garage door whenever necessary. Here in this blog, we have discussed warning signs that garage door needs repair.

Signs That Garage Door Needs Repair

The problem with Opening & Closing

The most common sign that a garage door needs repair is when there is a problem with opening and closing. Several issues can occur, which can cause problems while opening and closing the garage door. There might be some electrical failure or mechanical failure which you need to repair immediately.

Visible Damage

Wear is an unavoidable factor for the garage door. With each use, your garage door will wear out, and it will cause visible damage after a point. So if you can see damage like cracks, wear, or corrosion in your garage door, you must do the necessary repair before it fails.

Slow & Noisy Operation

If your garage door takes more time to open or close, there is some fault in its mechanism, which includes springs, motors, sensors, etc. Another sign that the garage door needs repair is unusual noises from the door while opening and closing. It may need a repair or sometimes can be fixed with thorough lubrication.

Aging of Door 

With regular use, each part of your garage door becomes old and wears out more. Therefore, aging is also a sign that the garage door needs repair. Regular inspection and maintenance of garage doors are necessary, but when the door is aged, you need to do it more often. Regularly check for damages and immediately fix if found.

High Electricity Bills 

When a garage door is new, it will work with its highest efficiency, which will result in lower utility bills. But as it becomes old and some of its parts don’t work correctly, its efficiency reduces, and it demands higher electricity. So if your electricity bills have increased, it might be due to your garage door, which needs repairing.

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