What Is The Cost Of Commercial Garage Door Installation?

Commercial Garage Door Installation Los Angeles

On average, the cost of commercial garage door installation ranges from $500 to $5,500. There are several factors responsible for the cost, like the type of garage door you need. Type of lift mechanism -electric or manual. Finally, the design of the garage door and the accessories, if you choose to add any.

A commercial building needs a good-quality door that is sturdy. This is because the door will be opened countless times during the day secondly, the door needs to protect the building as well. Thus, even though it is comparatively expensive, it is necessary.

Factors Responsible For The Cost Of Commercial Garage Door Installation

1) Size

The cost of a 12 by 12 feet garage door is between $750 to $2000. Although if you choose a custom design for your commercial building, then the cost may fluctuate. If you wish to use the garage as a storage unit, then according to the size of the equipment you wish to store, the door needs to be selected.

2) Style

A commercial garage door will cost between $750 to $1,500. While an overhead garage door will cost $1,300 to $2,000. However, if you choose a custom design that will complement your building, the cost will increase.

3) Openers

There are two openers you can choose from- electric and manual. Although, since it is a commercial building that needs to be opened frequently, we would recommend going for an electric garage door opener. The cost of commercial roll-up doors will be between $350 to $650.

4) Installation

While calculating the cost of installation, you need to figure out several points like commercial garage door repair costs and even the labor cost. Besides this, a prior inspection is mandatory for complex designs or if your old door needs to be replaced.

How Much Does A Commercial Garage Door Opener Cost?

On average, a commercial garage door opener cost ranges from $300 to $1,500. We understand that a commercial garage door installation is more expensive than a residential one. However, there are reasons you should not DIY commercial garage door repair or installation.

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