Top Reasons Why Garage Door Springs Break

Why Garage Door Springs Break
October 28, 2020

The garage door spring performs the most crucial function of the garage door system, i.e. opening and closing function. Since you cannot use a garage door without proper working of garage door springs. It is important to understand the reason why garage door springs break.

The knowledge of this basic information about garage door springs can save the homeowners from a lot of trouble. Improper functioning of garage doors can put their lives and belongings vulnerable and at risk of theft. That’s why in this blog, you get to learn the basics of why garage door springs break.

Four Reliable Reasons Why Garage Door Springs Break


1. Heavy Wear and Tear

The most common reason for breakage of garage door springs is heavy wear and tear on it. For it to function smoothly, you need to lubricate it regularly. Moreover, it takes up the complete load of the garage door while performing the opening and closing function. Meanwhile, the repetitive function also takes a toll on it.

2. Negligence in Maintenance

Although the garage springs have a small service life, with proper maintenance you can utilize its full potential. It also helps you realize when you need to change the garage door springs. Lubricate the garage door springs routinely and also check on the garage door balance every season, especially in winters.

3. End of Their Service Life

A garage door spring works well till 10,000 cycles. Most homeowners exceed this number in just over a year. Hence, the chances of spring breakage are all-time high. In case, you use the garage door as an entrance, then you should invest in extended lifespan torsion springs. They have a longer service life of 20,000 cycles or more.

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4. Rusting Problem

Springs are made of iron, so beware of rust problems. The spring rusts when it comes in contact with moisture. Moreover, as soon as the garage door spring rusts, its strength decreases aggressively. Besides, it also causes weakening of the coils, which quickens the rate of failure.

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